Plus Ui v2.6.2 Premium Blogger Template Free download 2023

Plus Ui 2.6.2 Blogger Premium Template. Plus UI is a fully customizable user-friendly and responsive blogger template.
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Plus Ui 2.6.2 Blogger Premium Template

Plus Ui  for Bloggers is their UI-based template. This theme has many updated features like - SafeLink support, Adblocker, Bookmark feature, Google Translate support, Rating feature, and more. However, this theme contains encrypted scripts that cannot be removed.

Features an of Plus Ui  Theme:

We all know how cool and user-friendly the Plus Ui  template is. Some of the features of this template are given below. Its ability with an attribute is expressed by yes or no. All the features you will find in this template will be marked 'yes'. And all those attributes which are not found here will be marked with 'NO'..

Templates features:

  •   Fully responsive
  •   Multicolored
  •   Mobile friendly
  •   SEO friendly
  •   Ads ready
  •   Fast Loading
  •   Error 404
  •   Social Follow Button
  •   Search Widget
  •   Shortcode support
  •   Read more with automatic thumbnails
  •   Responsive footing
  •   Multi drop-down
  •   Related posts with thumbnails
  •   Detailed documentation
  •   Back to top button
  •   Best responsive menu and layout
  •   Schema Markup
  •   Menu navigation
  •   Recent Post
  •   Anti Adblocker
  •   Safelink Support
  •   Bookmark Feature
  •   Google Translate Feature
  •   Post Rating Feature
  •   Music Player
  •   Countdown Download Box
  •   Maintenance Mode


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  3. How To Add Multiple Theme Colour Option on Plus Ui Template
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